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Rental Agreement

This agreement is between RENT A TENT CRESTON (here in after called ‘the company’) and the invoiced party (here in after called "the renter"). The renter agrees to rent the following items from the company at the above invoiced fees according to the terms of this agreement. The rental period is as is stated on the invoice.

Cancellations are permitted up to and including 14 days prior to the Start Date with a full refund of your deposit. Cancellations made within 14 days of the Start Date are subject to a forfeiture of your deposit.

Usage of Tents
Renter setting up the tents themselves must do so at a pre-arranged time. Tents come as a complete package including side walls for the rental price. Tents are to be used only for your temporary events and are not to be used for storage of motorized equipment, animals and are not to be used as cook tents. Tables, chairs, p.a. systems, musical equipment and people are allowable.

It is the responsibility of the renter to carry proper and adequate insurance related to the use of the equipment rented from the company. Once the rental equipment is picked up or delivered, damage and liability insurance become the responsibility of the renter. The renter assumes sole responsibility for any damages caused to the rental equipment and/or injuries caused by the rental equipment and agrees to hold blameless and harmless the company, its partners and/or affiliates, directors, employees and volunteers of the company from any and all claims for damages to property and/or bodily injury.

Pre-existing damage
You must report any non-satisfactory condition such as damage, missing parts or soiled covers regarding the rental equipment immediately otherwise pre-existing conditions will be the responsibility of the renter.

Pick up and Return Check List
Upon pick up and return of the equipment a representative of the company will review a check list with the renter ensuring all parts are accounted for, clean and in good repair.
Replacement parts and cleaning costs are listed on the check list.

Your acceptance of this invoice indicates you have reviewed and agree to the following points:

  • Do not attach anything to the canvas or windows 

  • Do not let bare incandescent light bulbs touch the PVC tent covering or windows 

  • If an outdoor propane heater is used it must be 4 feet from walls, windows and ceiling.  

  • Proper and adequate ventilation must be provided if using an outdoor propane heater. 

  • No open flames such as wood or propane fire pits, sparklers or fireworks are permitted in or near the tent. 

  • Do not use grills, barbeques, propane fire pits in the tents or up wind from the tents. Soot and grease will cause stains and additional cleaning charges or could require parts replacement. 

  • Follow the set-up guide provided. It is required that the support pole legs be spiked to the ground and a sandbag be place at the base of each foot. Eight 60 lb. sandbags are required and are provided for each tent by the company. 

  • Guide wires are not recommended as they are a tripping hazard and are not as reliable as spiking and weighting the legs.

  • Tents cannot be set up under or near overhead power lines 

  • Use caution when pounding in the ground stakes. Be aware of the location of underground sprinklers, gas lines, buried power cables and large rocks.


Weather Conditions
The tents are not designed to withstand high winds or extreme weather conditions. If it appears that high winds will occur during your event it is recommended that you take down the tent(s) coverings. At a minimum the sides should be removed to allow stronger breezes to blow through, but this is no guarantee that damage will not occur. If you are negligent and do not take down the tent coverings you may be liable for repair or replacement. Tent replacement is upwards of $5,000 plus shipping and taxes. It will be the sole discretion the company if replacement or repair is required. We, the renter(s) have read, understood and agree to the terms of this rental agreement and attest to by our acceptance of this invoice/agreement.

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